Commitment and The Unstoppable Reason

One day, I realized that I had to get out of the abusive relationship I was in. He and I started playing the back and forth game. Break-up then get back together. Over and over, I was looking for the love bombing I fell in love with. However, the raging kept increasing to a more dangerous level each time, but I kept craving that feeling. I longed for that feeling, and continued to believe he loved me, and that things would change.

One day I made a list of what I kept going back for. It was then that I realized it was not him it was the love bombing. I decided that if it did not stop, I could get hurt.

After a few more scary rages and threats to my life, I knew that I had to make a commitment to end this and I had to find an unstoppable reason.

My LIFE became my unstoppable reason. My commitment to my life meant that even though I may fail and go back. I will stay committed to my life – no matter what.

My unstoppable reason is what kept me from going back even when I found myself intensely wanting to connect with him.

Remembering my unstoppable reason helped me to be successful in sticking to my commitment of No Contact. When I started craving that intense feeling of his love bombing, I thought of my unstoppable reason. My love for my life became stronger than any love bombing he could have come up with. I knew that committing to anything involved risk, but my unstoppable reason made the risk worth it. I started taking steps to rid my life of the horrible abuse and violence I had been experiencing.

What can you do to find your unstoppable reason that will give you the strength to stick to your commitment and find a way out?

You must dig deep and figure out what your unstoppable reason is.

To do this ask yourself question like these:

Why do I want to leave this difficult relationship?

Is my life or the life of my children at risk?

Is my professional future at risk?

Is my financial future at risk?

What will this relationship be like in one year, if I stay?

Keep asking questions until you find your unstoppable reason.

If you need help go to my website and schedule a free 20-minute exploratory session. I can help you find your unstoppable reason.

Come join me and let’s begin this journey together.

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