The Gift You Give Yourself

When it comes to feeling better, what better gift to give yourself than unconditional love. Unconditional love is defined as love without strings attached. Love no matter what. So, if you are going to love yourself unconditionally what would that look like?

Love is a feeling, and we are in complete control of our feelings. We are responsible for our feelings because we create our feelings with our thoughts. An example of this is the feeling of anger. Something happens and you think “that make me so angry.” If you take a moment to notice you will feel a vibration of some sort in your body that indicates your anger. If something happened and you think “It was an accident” then you might feel compassion, and if you notice you will feel a different vibration. Now if you think “I love myself no matter what.” You will feel unconditional love. Notice the vibration? It feels a lot better than anger, right?

Coming out of any kind of abusive relationship leaves you with all kinds of inner confusion. You might wonder, how did this happen? Why did I not see that coming? Why did I keep going back? Why am I so stupid? What is wrong with me? These are all normal questions to ask yourself. However, they do not lead to useful thoughts and do not lead to a feeling of unconditional love. So how does unconditional love help turn all this around?

If you believe the thought “I love myself no matter what” then you will always have your back. Unconditional love will lead to answering the above questions without judgement, with compassion, real curiosity, and with love. The answers will come from love and respect. You will care for yourself just like you would someone you adore. Then from feelings of love, your actions will reflect that love and your results will be amazing.

Let's feel better together in one of my free 20 minute sessions. I'm looking forward to meeting you.

Come join me and let’s begin our journey together.

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